New Year Resolutions for Kid’s Dental Care: The Importance of Good Oral Health

This year, take a moment to assess your children’s dental care routines. Do you feel it is lacking in one area or another? With our kids’ busy schedules and our hectic lives, it’s easy to forget about basic dental care. At a time of year when healthier eating and weight loss goals are common, why not make a new resolution to help your family develop good dental hygiene habits?

The Importance of Good Oral Health

Children are less susceptible to periodontal disease than adults. However, tartar and plaque buildup can still affect their teeth. If it’s not prevented or removed regularly, these deposits can lead to gingivitis, bad breath, bleeding gums, and even low self-esteem.

Your child’s first set of teeth can decay at an alarmingly quick rate. It’s much easier to identify and treat problems before they escalate.

Preventive cleanings, age-appropriate oral hygiene advice, and protective sealants are part of the checkup procedures covered by your insurance. And prevention is almost always cheaper than paying for reconstructive dental surgery in an adult. Dr. Houri at All Smiles Children’s Dentistry in Vista, CA suggests that a six-month visit be scheduled starting around the time your child’s very first tooth comes in.

3 Simple Steps to Healthier Teeth

The first step to making sure your kids stick to their New Year’s dental resolution is to make a goal, such as flossing every day. Here are 3 easy resolutions your kids (and family) can easily follow:

  1. Water, water, water! Make drinking tap water fun. You might think it’s easier to give your child bottled water, but tap water is fluoridated, which helps to strengthen and refresh your child’s teeth every time they drink it. It’s a great way to reduce their chances of getting cavities, especially if you can get them to rinse after sugary drinks and snacks.
  1. Increase brushing time. Brushing for two minutes twice daily is a good rule of thumb. This allows you to thoroughly reach any areas that may have been overlooked. Most people brush for only 30 seconds without timing themselves. To make it fun, consider using a timer or a song to help your child brush longer.

Don’t have them focus on brushing too many teeth at once; instead, brush in small circles. Encourage them to brush along their gumlines, as this is where gingivitis starts.

  1. Visit All Smiles Children’s Dentistry Regularly. Routine visits to a kid’s dentist can help ensure that your child’s teeth are properly developing and that their brushing skills are up to par. Additional preventative measures, such as in-office fluoride treatments or dental sealants, can greatly reduce the chance of cavities developing between checkups. Experts recommend that children be seen for their first checkup at the dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth erupts (whichever comes first.)

Make 2023 The Best Year For Your Smile

All Smiles Children’s Dentistry recommends following these basics for your family’s dental routine:

● Encourage your child to brush twice daily

● Every time they brush, set a timer that lasts for 2 minutes.

● Choose a fluoride toothpaste and use a small amount, about the size of a pea. For toddlers who can’t spit well, you can use a smear the size of a rice grain.

● Let children be independent, but keep an eye on their brushing and flossing until they can tie their own shoes.

● Floss between each of your child’s teeth every day, even if they don’t touch another tooth.

● Encourage regular water intake

● Limit your child’s intake of juice, sports drinks, soda, and other sweeteners

● Avoid snacking on processed carbs, and encourage fresh fruits and veggies.

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