Our Pediatric Dental Approach

When choosing someone to look after your child’s dental health, we know you want someone who specializes in the needs of children. Dr. Houri, our pediatric dentist in vista is the best person, she cares about each individual child and their specific needs. Your child’s precious teeth will need looking after for a lifetime, so starting off with a happy, comfortable experience develops the habit in your child of lifelong healthy visits.
pediatric dentist in vista
pediatric dentist in vista


Prevention is key. One of the easiest ways to ensure your children have good oral hygiene is to bring them in every six months for an examination and cleaning. During these visits, our dental experts remove the plaque and bacteria that sneak by the daily brushing and flossing you do from home. Regular appointments help your children establish important routines to carry into their adulthood for a lifetime of healthy dental habits.

A ‘Silver’ Lining - Protecting your child’s teeth - Painless Dentistry

I’m constantly researching best-in-class, sound offerings to support my determination of providing non-invasive dental treatments. One of my favorite solutions for preventing cavity decay and ‘saving a baby tooth’ is Silver Diamine Flouride (SDF). The wonderful thing about this application is that it requires no drilling and filling. We simply brush on the antibiotic liquid, and it starts to fight tooth decay quickly and painlessly. This liquid is transforming dentistry by helping curb fears associated with cavities and dental mishaps – and alleviating the financial burden of dental procedures.

The idea of simply “painting” a tooth elicits enormous smiles – from kids and adults alike! The application buys time while your child grows up and either can tolerate a dental treatment better or in most cases naturally replaces the tooth with a permanent one. SDF is a safe option and a tremendous tool in my pediatric ‘toolkit’ that helps us all avoid the drama of shots, drills and tears!

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