Children’s Preventative Dentistry in Vista

Pediatric Dental Cleanings Near You

A preventive dental, or prophy, is a cleaning for patients with healthy teeth and gums. The American Dental Association recommends these preventive cleanings every four to six months so that your dentist at All Smiles has the opportunity to comprehensively examine and clean your child’s teeth. During a prophy, your dentist removes plaque and tartar buildup, polishes the teeth, and checks for developing or existing damage. Visiting All Smiles for your twice-annual prophy is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to protect your child’s beautiful smile.
pediatric dentist in vista
dental sealants for kids in vista

Fluoride Treatment For Kids

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral known to prevent cavities and decay. Many public water sources add fluoride to give teeth an added layer of protection, but it’s important to also receive a professional fluoride treatment every three, six, or 12 months based on your child’s oral health and susceptibility to dental decay. This is why the team at All Smiles offers fluoride treatments for children and adults in order to support healthy tooth enamel and fight cavity-causing bacteria.

Dental Sealants For Kids

Dental sealants play an important role in ongoing oral health by protecting against up to 80% of cavities. Sealants are thin, invisible coatings of plastic placed on the chewing surface of permanent back teeth. Once applied, sealants stop food and bacteria from getting stuck in the grooves and pits that develop on molars. Cavities are extremely common in molars without sealants, which is why it’s so important to see an experienced All Smiles dentist for sealants to protect your child’s most vulnerable teeth. At All Smiles Children’s Dentistry we use BPA free sealant materials to ensure your child is not exposed to unwanted chemicals.

Digital Radiographs and Panoramic Radiographs

Radiographs are important dental evaluation tools because they help us monitor growth and development, as well as detect potential problems that can’t be seen with a visual exam. Here at All Smiles, we use routine 2D radiographs once or twice a year to evaluate their teeth, and to check for signs of developing problems such as dental caries, or possible abnormalities or disease of the surrounding bone structure.

We also recommend a Panoramic radiograph once every three to five years, at minimum. This image allows us to see how your child’s teeth and facial structure are developing, verify that all permanent teeth are present, detect any congenital abnormalities such as extra or missing teeth, and make proper recommendations for follow up with other specialists as necessary.

Our office is equipped with state of the art, modern digital technology that is quick, safe, and reduces your child’s exposure to radiation by over 90%.

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