How to Protect Your Kids’ Teeth This Christmas Holiday

Dr. Houri is your premier pediatric dentist in Vista, CA. Our friendly and highly skilled staff specialize in preventative and restorative dentistry in a warm, comforting environment. Your children’s dental health is our top priority.
The Vista holiday season quickly approaching and now is the time to keep your children’s dental health in mind and offer tips to keep kids’ teeth strong through the holidays. We are happy to provide these recommendations to ensure your children’s teeth stay cavity-free this year.

Schedule A Pre-Holiday Dental Checkup For Kids

The holiday season is a busy time of year and what better time than while the kids are out of school to get their bi-annual dental checkup scheduled. Kids teeth change a lot over the course of just one year. Baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth begin to come in. As your child grows, their mouth is growing as well. Having their teeth cleaned and examined twice per year is necessary to making sure their teeth stay healthy and gives us a chance to offer age-appropriate oral health tips.

Stay On A Brushing And Flossing Schedule

You and your children are probably counting down the days until school is out for the holiday season. No school means no homework, later bed times and no early morning alarms going off. With the lack of a consistent schedule, your child may not be brushing their teeth as often as they should be. A cavity can form quickly if plaque and bacteria are left on the teeth, especially when combine with all the holiday treats available to them. Reminding your children each morning and evening to brush and floss is important to maintaining their good dental health and keeping them out of the dental office for extra treatments.

Tooth Safe Holiday Treats

It is safe to say that we all enjoy our holiday treats and there is no reason to deny ourselves or our children of them. However, limiting how often you consume these treats decreases the risk of developing painful tooth decay this season. Sugar and carbohydrates are the ingredients needed to weaken tooth enamel. The more frequently your teeth are exposed to these ingredients, the more likely you are to cavities.

Besides the sugar content, many holiday treats are hard and sticky and can easily chip a tooth or pull an existing filling out. Holiday treats you may consider avoiding this year include peppermint sticks, candy canes, peanut brittle and caramel corn. Try replacing these treats with safer alternatives such as cheese, dark chocolate and gingerbread. These treats are both easier to eat and contain less sugar, making them much safer but still delicious holiday treats!

Protect Their Teeth With Fluoride

While brushing and flossing daily is recommended to maintain good oral health, you may consider adding extra fluoride to your children’s daily routine for an extra layer of cavity prevention. Fluoride in a mineral added to most toothpastes to strengthen teeth and block the cavity-forming process of bacteria and sugar. This topical form of fluoride is recommended daily to both adults and children.

Using an over-the-counter fluoride rinse is also an easy way to add strength to tooth enamel and not only prevent a cavity from starting but also begin to remineralize weakened enamel. A fluoride rinse should be used after brushing and flossing and should not be rinsed out with water. The best time to use a fluoride rinse is just before bed. This is because teeth are at the highest risk for developing decay while you are asleep.

Why Choose Dr. Houri: Your Pediatric Dentist in Vista, CA

We understand your child’s health is your top priority. Dr. Houri of Vista, CA has dedicated our practice to provide the highest level quality pediatric dentistry in the area. Our conveniently located office serves Vista, California, and surrounding areas. Trust Dr. Houri with your children’s dental health and contact our office to schedule their next appointment!

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